whzzsup'lication a'la Tieger

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whzzsup'lication a'la Tieger

Post by Tieger » 25 Nov 2014 17:54

Ingame main name: Tieger
Timezone: +2

(You must register to FinFleet forums using your ingame mains name!) yea yea


Q: Please explain to us how your characters skills are assigned and what are you planning to do in future. We do not have any sort of skillpoint limits - but we need to know what are your plans for the future.

A: 75m points all over the place. Dread & carrier -ready. Excellent mining skills! As for the future, well, that capital mining ship looks tasty!

Q: Please explain to us your EVE history. What have you done during your EVE-life , what corps you have been in the past, why did you leave them, where you in any director roles in your past corporation and such information intrests us. Basicly, a short bio of you and EVE.

A: Fuck. Too much to tell and my memory is fuzzy. Cant even remeber if i was a director in the gayfleet? Anyone remember?

Q: How did you hear about FinFleet?

A: Back in 2003 when i booted the game for the first time, i typed "fin" in the ingame search-tool. Finfleet came up. I was like "thats...kind of gay".

Q: What do you expect from FinFleet?

A: Mining & agent whoring. Occasional pew pew?

Q: Do you have any real-life friends who are current FinFleet members? Do you have anyone in FinFleet who is willing to support your application?

A: Not aware of any, nope. IRL friends i mean!

Q: Are you gay?

A:"well, i've kissed a man!"

Q: Do you own a Drum Kit?

A: We bought one of those rockband console -things a way back. What a fucking piece of shit.

Q: Do you own any Basset Hounds?

A: Basset Hound, huh. I'm sure its a metaphor equivalent to Mr Blackwell's olives or something of that nature. Yes?

Anyway, so what happened? I just got burned out on this damned game. But now i'm back! (thanks to that email)

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Re: whzzsup'lication a'la Tieger

Post by klezz » 25 Nov 2014 18:52

VERY old guarde !!

Having a 10 second jap car is like coming out of the closet.
In the beginning it´s a surprise, but in the end you are still gay.

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Re: whzzsup'lication a'la Tieger

Post by Tribalist » 26 Nov 2014 00:08


Boss level BOOBIES!!!

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