I watn farm gold.

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Zantrei Kordisin
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Re: I watn farm gold.

Post by Zantrei Kordisin » 16 Oct 2014 15:30

Bakuhz wrote:seems legit now post some dickpics

Ponygirl with a mace
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Re: I watn farm gold.

Post by Bakuhz » 18 Oct 2014 11:13

still waithing for dickpics

in the meantime i'll help entertain our boy's a bit

ttenneB evetS
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Re: I watn farm gold.

Post by ttenneB evetS » 01 Nov 2014 19:41

Ok guys and future corp-mates. I finally made it to the station! I know it took a long time but I'm sure you still want me now that I've got Bantam experience.

That reminds me, can I have a Bantam when I join since I lost mine? I know they're expensive but I'll earn it by doing anything you need.


I can't play much anymore because my mom put me in a special school and I'm only allowed a little bit of typewriter tv time (moms so stupid). I think she'll let me have more time once i tell her all the friends i have now.

I know its been a few years but I'm older now and that means I konw more things and would be better for fleet. (reminds me, omgz I have to tell you something I found out about underwear parts!)

Oh and I found out you're now part of the north which is good for me because I like snow and my favourite direction is up.

Has my application been approved yet? Do you need my moms credit card number?

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Re: I watn farm gold.

Post by Tribalist » 03 Nov 2014 05:53

OMG! This mans a HERO!!

I nominate we start collecting ISK to buy him a BANTAM!

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Luna Negra
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Re: I watn farm gold.

Post by Luna Negra » 07 Dec 2014 17:42

He is back!
Gravity you win again!

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