MX1000, its alive..

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MX1000, its alive..

Post by kraich » 12 Feb 2012 19:58

Was cleaning my desks drawers today and found my old MX1000 that been there atleast 4 years since battery died.
Almoust throw it in trashcan with other stuff i found, but then thought maybe i check what kind of battery theres inside.
I had few replacement batteries for my Nokia cellphone that had same voltage as original battery of MX1000, only missing some mAh but i can live with that.
Took wires from original battery and welded on that replacement battery.
It seems working just fine, had to remove original battery holder to make it fit, attached battery to top cover of mouse with velcro tape.

this battery should fit in too, and got same capacity as original. ... 7630-27941


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Re: MX1000, its alive..

Post by Taku » 12 Feb 2012 20:52


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