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Take me seriously, plz
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Application- Typhoon1

Post by Typhoon1 » 30 Sep 2013 21:30

Ingame main name: Typhoon1
Alts: Snakemikkelsen
Timezone: +2gmt

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Q: Please explain to us how your characters skills are assigned and what are you planning to do in future. We do not have any sort of skillpoint limits - but we need to know what are your plans for the future.

A: I am 78 mill sp char. Nearly perfect on Caldari, but can fly must of the other races too. 10 of the 78 is in production and corporate management. The plan I have, is to skill up in the other races, so I in the near future can fly all subcapital ships.
I can fly Carrier.

Q: Please explain to us your EVE history. What have you done during your EVE-life , what corps you have been in the past, why did you leave them, where you in any director roles in your past corporation and such information intrests us. Basicly, a short bio of you and EVE.

A: I started to play Eve in 2008 on char that doesnt exist any longer. My current main char was started in 2009. I joined 2 different Corps at the begining but it wasnt very succesfull so I created my own corp. I was a lone wolf in that corp for a little bit more than a year until I joined a corp called Council of Internal War (CIW).
I became the CEO of that corp fairly quick and also took on the leadership of their alliance (The Paganism alliance). When we where biggest we had around 700 members.
Around a year ago I had some personal problems that meant that I couldnt play the game very often and on top of that my work interfered. This was the reason that the corp/alliance fell apart, because I couldnt be there.
I am back now :D

Q: How did you hear about FinFleet?

A: First time I heard about FinFleet was in the Danish channel on Eve. Flumz from X13 was talking. At that time you guys where still in Raiden :D Since then I have been following your exploits on the forum and eve news sites. When I came back into the game, 3 of my former Paganism alliance guys are flying with you and they thought that I would fit right in with you guys.

Q: What do you expect from FinFleet?

A: A lot of PvP. Good teamwork and new friends

Q: Do you have any real-life friends who are current FinFleet members? Do you have anyone in FinFleet who is willing to support your application?

A: There is 3 guys who will support my application. Prince Kobol, Zaporozh and TheAuditor.

Q: Are you gay?

A: Hell no !

Q: Do you own a Drum Kit?

A: ? Nope

Q: Do you own any Basset Hounds?

A: lol. Nope.

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Re: Application- Typhoon1

Post by Zaporozh » 30 Sep 2013 22:45

Great guy, love to fly with him again. Totally Vouch +1.
Q: Are you gay?

A: Hell no !
Dont worry we will change that. :D

BTW: the apps are suppose to be in the recruitment sub forum, viewforum.php?f=70.

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Re: Application- Typhoon1

Post by TheAuditor » 30 Sep 2013 23:14

+1, look forward to flying with this guy again

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