Beware the Spy, selling MarKand

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Beware the Spy, selling MarKand

Post by MarKand » 20 Sep 2013 12:54

Just a friendly shoutout to recruiter in fleet but mostly old ingame friends that if you will be contacted by MarKand in the future it isnt me.
Regarding FFSwe channel ingame, I dont think anyone from fleet is using that anymore, but I dotn know how to kill a channel and the ownership is with MarKand, so if you are in that channel in the future and have OP, kill it.

This is my tread so new owner can be spotted there.

Fly safe and all the best to you all o7

FF 4ever! <3

The but must never "Ei saa peittää"


PS Will ofc still be lurking in the forum and check in from time to time

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