Wazzup fellow gays........

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Wazzup fellow gays........

Post by Ogeon » 05 Jul 2010 23:57

Activated my account today trying to get my Desktop to Czec republic in one piece...

And all you new fags ongame name Ogeon.. Klezz is my lover boy...

One year drinking czech beer new start for EVE maybe.... As drinking all evening cost like 4 euro..

Klezz so how is it.. I still have 300m of your money and maybe some BS on my hangar cant remember alot of has happened since.. Like me moving countries once more..

I see some old love boat members asking if we still here.. Yes we are sometimes just real life comes across of EVE..

Klezz tell me how to contact you.. I will try once more as new expansion looks cool.. Maybe i still have one more shot left..

See you ongame as Klezz will face the facts he still loves boys..

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Re: Wazzup fellow gays........

Post by Zstorm » 08 Jul 2010 21:26

See you ongame as Klezz will face the facts he still loves boys
No klezz loves men these days not boys with there flash toys
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