Some tips for newcomer?

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Some tips for newcomer?

Post by Rifftaylor » 24 Mar 2010 21:08

I welcome myself back to Finnexus forums. :)

So after "gratuating" from the national gayfactory, (some call it the army.), I've been playing Wow, but soon found it to be total BS.
So I'm finally about to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing eve. I've played some trials over the couple of years, but now i'd really need something to replace my hollow hole.

So as a beginner, I've been training mainly military skills. Gunnery, electronics, missile launchers etc. I fly Caldari destroyer. (Having done all training agent missions) I'd really like to poke the pvp side of Eve, so would a military career be a good start for some ass kicking? I think I'll focus on Missile launcher systems and railguns, as sniping and missiles are just so tempting. Accurate penetration?

All advice is welcome. :)
I can haz a csezeburgr?

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Re: Some tips for newcomer?

Post by Peter Powers » 06 Apr 2010 12:53

to get a good start it allways helps using evemon and EFT.
Here a few simple steps:

a) Download EveMon
b) Download EFT ... dID=548883
c) Read a bit about fittings, browse battleclinics fittings page (, play a bit with EFT. When you have found a fitting that you would like to train for, ask some experienced player if it makes sense.
d) export the fitting from EFT, import it to EveMon
e) us EveMon to create a skillplan which allows you to fly that fitted ship, then click "optimize" in the plan, so the learnings you can use to speed it up are added.
f) start training the learning skills, and then the skills from your plan. Stick to the plan till its done, then train the skills you just trained to at least IV, if they arent there allready.

Optional Steps:
g) start earning ISK, alot of
h) send ISK to "Peter Powers" ingame.

Good Luck, & welcome to the world of EVE

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