This made me lol

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Melakith Entar
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This made me lol

Post by Melakith Entar » 31 Oct 2009 08:44

Being a former syndicate resident, this sorta made me lol

Syndicate was like a field full of rabbit warrens. Every day hundreds of bunnies came out to play. They'd feed, they'd fight, they'd (other f word).
Then one day Bob the Tyrannosaurus comes galloping out of the woods and all the bunnies hide in their NPC burrows. Bob gnashes his 100 HACs together, gives the burrows an evil stare and roars impotently. He then stomps across the field and goes back to Reblier, but the bunnies won't come out to play while this fearsome relic is hiding in the woods.
Syndicate is no fun any more.

Taken from ... 761&page=2 CAOD post

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