Hai from Ariel and Cate

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Hai from Ariel and Cate

Post by Ariel Eclipse » 13 Aug 2009 22:30

Hai ga(i/y)s!

Life is good again, yes?

I finally got around to start playing a bit again... at least I am trying. I asked around from several FINFL friends about where to join since
a) I dont really know if I will start playing all the time and be able to live up to the fleet standards and
b) I have to re-learn to play the game.

So I ended up with Steelgar and Pitkis to the fellowship of Drunken Ratbags Inc. We are currently in Psychotic Tendencies alliance. Things are awfully different here than with BoB/Finfleet but I think I will learn to survive. :)

The Kid is doing good, now 1 year and 4 months and soon flies all the battleships with hardwirings.

If anyone has a solution to my socket lost problems, please let me know in game! Feel free to add me to your butt-buddy list for random gayness and drunken convos.

Ariel Eclipse
Catelyn Achura

Always mad probs to FINFL!

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