Oh Hai!

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My first Sony
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Oh Hai!

Post by Rocko » 04 Jul 2008 23:40

Oh Hai all o/

Long time no see. Just seen Klezz whip past me in Khanid, gave me a link so I thought I'd drop in and spam your forums =)

So whats ya been up too? Anything exciting?

No doubt someone will mention it, so I'll beat you to it.. not wasnt Omens Titan! lol.

Anyway, I'll check back in a few, got a TCF Cap to hot drop...they may have killed an alliance titan.. but their loosing caps to the Omen hot droppers like flies.



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Boogey Trollius
Sky Marshall
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Re: Oh Hai!

Post by Boogey Trollius » 05 Jul 2008 00:22

Inactive. Contact with Instant Messanger.

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Rover Vitesse
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Re: Oh Hai!

Post by Rover Vitesse » 05 Jul 2008 20:18

hi Rocko

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Re: Oh Hai!

Post by Robrian » 09 Jul 2008 13:16


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Sky Marshall
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Re: Oh Hai!

Post by Baracuda » 09 Jul 2008 17:03

Drop it like it's hot 8)
Just one thing is better then damage… MORE DAMAGE.


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