(in English) Generic recruitment information

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Recruitment for gaming guilds.
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(in English) Generic recruitment information

Post by Boogey Trollius » 17 Apr 2008 14:12

FinNexus is an umbrella community for multiple different games and their respective guilds. Well established guilds have their own recruitment guidelines and procedures.

For well estasblished guilds
- FinFleet (Eve-Online)
- Kipu (World of Warcraft)
- Nemesis (Travian Finland S1)
- Finnexus and Finnexus II (World of Tanks)
- Dark Nexus (SWTOR)
- Finnexus (Guild Wars 2)
==> Please refer to their own recruitment forum for instructions how to apply.

For other guilds
- These guilds are not classified as "well established" within community, but they might be beta testing, startup guilds or otherwise small entities/groups within the game
- Each group/guild currently recruiting has their own thread in this forum. To apply, please post to that thread according to instructions in the first post.
- If you wish to start a new thread, please contact Boogey Trollias, ShadowArm or Roninman with private message.

Also please notice, previous membership of FinNexus is not a guarantee for membership in any FinNexus guild, but you still have to proceed according to standard recruitment procedures.
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