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by Hra Neuvosto
18 Nov 2014 00:27
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Doomhammar
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Re: Doomhammar

What happens when a jew with a hard-on runs into a wall?

He breaks his nose.
by Hra Neuvosto
24 Feb 2014 16:21
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Ozzisk (formerly zargana)
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Re: Ozzisk (formerly zargana)

Next they'll be comparing their skirts.
by Hra Neuvosto
02 Aug 2013 21:06
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Application Thermoss
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Re: Application Thermoss

Lazybones wrote:I was going to write a very awesome finnish swear word here but aparently i lost it.
Perkele is the only one worth knowing.
by Hra Neuvosto
02 Aug 2013 06:09
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Bob
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Re: Bob

Bob TSlob wrote:A:i have no friend
I can be your friend, I like friends.
by Hra Neuvosto
03 Mar 2013 02:41
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Hra Neuvosto - application
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Hra Neuvosto - application

Name: Hra Neuvosto Alts: Niklas III (bestower alt, maybe applying), Le Verrier (high sec tear extractor, not applying), Grumpy Grandmom (cyno alt, maybe applying), Maa Artisokka (industry alt, not applying). *** Q: Please explain to us how your characters skills are assigned and what are you plannin...